Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Loss of Great Gluten Free Chef

It is with a heavy heart that I report that my dear friend Cherie, aka, Glutenada/She Loves Cake, is no longer able to stay in business. Yes, she is alive and kicking and cooking, but thanks to the recession she cannot remain in business any longer. This upsets me as both a gluten free foodie and an American citizen that we have failed yet ANOTHER small business. Our economy is in such shambles that even a business as fantastic as Glutenada cannot stay open? I am scared at this prospect.

Cherie is a FABULOUS cook, baker and friend. She stood up for TASTE in gluten free foods and I am extremely sad that she can no longer share her fantastic food with the world. I discovered Cherie on Etsy.com and have been a fan ever since.

This is a tremendous blow for GF life, food and business in America. I have to keep my mouth shut on what I think about that since this is a blog for a non-profit organization, but if you want to know, just drop me a line or follow me on www.twitter.com/fleurdeink

Cherie, your yummy concotions will be EXTREMELY missed and I eagerly await a time when you can re-open because I am sure you can one day!

You can still stay in touch with Cherie at Beyond the Wheat

Thanks America....stole my 1 lb cupcake.


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