Saturday, September 12, 2009

September Meeting

Hello all! It's time for our monthly meeting again! Sorry this is so late, life has been CRAZY with the children!

We will meet at PJs Coffee Shop, 2040 Gause Blvd, 7pm, Monday Sept 14th. We may not have an October  meeting, due to my being out of town.

We have a trip to Whole Foods and NakedPizza in the works again for November 15th. This will allow us to get things we may need for Thanksgiving, and well, NakedPizza is ALWAYS good :)

I wrote an article about NakedPizza for, if you'd like to check it out here:

I will be calling ahead to make SURE they have the GF crust because I attempted to get a pie last week when I was in New Orleans, and they were OUT!! (Gasp, I know, I cried a little.) So once we settle on a date I will double check that they WILL have the crust.

We can also discuss plans to go out to eat somewhere like Bonefish Grill for the holidays? Maybe an evening dinner?

I also tried something called "Udi's Bread" from Whole Foods that does NOT need to be refrigerated. It did go bad faster than if you'd kept it cold, but it was the first GF peanut butter and jelly sandwich I'd enjoyed in a LOOOOONG time. They also have several snacks, rolls, etc. available and Whole Foods.

So I'll see everyone Monday night at 7pm! :)