Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Field Trip and Review!

Excuse my lack of blogging..been a WEE bit busy lately!!

Our CSA Chapter took a field trip as we say, to Whole Foods in New Orleans and more importantly, to NAKED PIZZA in NOLA. We were super excited when we found out they had a gluten free pizza...we discovered because they very smartly put up a giant sign about their twitter!

So we planned our trip, left the kids with my mother in law (God bless her!) and headed off to NOLA. We may be a small group but we're strong! Well, we got there, ordered our pizza and headed off to Audubon Park to enjoy it with some awesome sodas with actual sugar! (NO chemicals and crap in this pizza joint!)

To sit down, pick up a piece of pizza, take a big bite and not vomit or choke it down was, well, damn heavenly. When you are used to planning your pizza eating around what crust you have frozen, or how much flour you have, to walk in, order a GF pizza and ENJOY IT was AMAZING.

No, it didn't taste like Pizza Hut pizza...and that was good! You could taste the REAL ingredients, no HFCS, no junk, no crap! Just real ingredients, a yummy gluten free rice flour and deliciousness in a pizza pie!

The staff were amazingly nice, (although I kept missing my twitter buddy!) and were very sweet and helpful! I cannot wait for an excuse to go across the lake and I'm pretty sure every Whole Foods field trip will now involve a stop at Naked Pizza! I even snagged a Take-N-Bake pie for on the way home!! Pick it up, put it in the oven and VIOLA. yummy GF pizza at home too! And the BEST part---REASONABLY PRICED!!! You'd expect a pizza with high quality ingredients to be off the wall expensive but it wasn't!

The girls loved it, we can't wait to go back and our Gluten Free Hats off to Naked Pizza!

Eat on Folks!

Now on a less happy note....I tried the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix, the yellow one. Um, Yeah. Betty..you better step it up. Long gone are the days where we gluten free eaters just lap up any dry, crumbly combination that we can find. No more. After great products from Pamela's, Bob's Red Mill and more, if you're going to launch a GF Cake Mix...it better be awesome.

Now...in Betty's defense, I have somehow lost my mixer beaters..so I had to mix the cake mix by hand. I know in some GF recipes an electric mixer is a must have because the eggs act in a way that fluffs up the mix. So I may cut it some slack and see if I can't find my beaters before I attempt the chocolate cake mix. But let's just say...if I had to choose between Betty Crocker mix and Pamela's...I'm going home with my trusty Pamela's, even if it does mean paying an extra 2-3 bucks. If I want cake..I want it yummy!!

So we'll see how the cookie and brownie mixes go for ol' Betty!

Side note for members:
The GF box from Angel Food Ministries was not put on the truck this month, so we don't have one to sort out and share! :( Hopefully next month!

Our next meeting will be Monday, July 13th at PJ's Coffee House, 2040 Gause Blvd. THERE IS A TIME CHANGE! I am always rushing, so we discussed having the meeting at 7 pm now! Let me know if this is a problem! Thanks and happy Gluten Free Living!!



  1. I know people think I'm crazy since I don't have to be GF, but I really want to try that pizza. We were running too late to give it a go this year, but maybe next year. And there is a local place that has GF pizza now too, and I want to try it. It's right by my work *shock* So I'll have to try it one day and let you know how it goes!

    --James, Host of Chocolate Covered Bacon-The best in independent food finds

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