Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gluten Free Review:

I, my friends, am a chocoholic..among my many other 'holics'. So, you know I am MORE than willing to try anything Gluten Free Chocolate for the sake of it..right? I mean, it's part of my job, right? (shhh, just pretend it is....)

So, I have three reviews for you guys!

First, one of my FAVORITE things EVER, are the 1lb cupcake from She Loves Cake. Now, I will not divulge just HOW fast I ate my cupcakes, but, um, suffice to say they are GONE PECAN. They are moist, yummy, and eco friendly because they come in nifty little containers and with spoons that are completely biodegradable! How cool is that? She also has some YUMMMMY mixes that I've tried before, the spice cake mix is the ONLY one I've found that tastes like the old spice cake mix my mom used to use! Find more of her yummylicousness at Glutenada. And be sure you keep in touch with Blockhead Radio, because SheLovesCake/Glutenada will be a guest soon on a new foodie show coming up on BHR called "Chocolate Covered Bacon"!

Secondly, I featured Emmy's Organics in a spotlight I made on, and she graciously sent me a goody box of yummy treats!! They are quite tasty and not only gluten free, but organic and vegan also!! The truffles were really good and just plain pretty to look at!! Be sure to pay her a visit!! I don't know much about the vegan lifestyle but I can imagine trying to find yummy things that are both GF and vegan must be difficult, so there you go...a place for both needs!

Last but not least, my lovely friend James (soon to be host of aforementioned Chocolate Covered Bacon Radio show) told me about Miles of Chocolate. While at first distracted by thoughts of a mile long piece of chocolate, I got it together enough to look them up. Indeed they are sold at Whole Foods, so when I visited today I snagged three small brownie samples (.75 each, not bad!) and one large brownie. Um, yeah, the sample sizes are gone. Long gone. I'm holding off on the large piece...til maybe...tonight? It was heavenly.

So there you are my friends, be sure to pay these lovely shops a visit and get your yumminess on!!


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