Friday, October 16, 2009

Excuse my absence..

Sorry I haven't updated much! I was out of town from Oct. 2-11th and have been busy reorganizing life since then!
Our next meeting will be November 9th, 2009 @ 7pm at PJ's Coffee Shop, 2040 Gause Blvd.

We have a trip to Whole Foods and to get Gluten Free Pizza is tenatively planned for Nov. 15. We will discuss at that meeting a possible date change, I may have a conflict.


Now some news I am personally vested in. I JUST read this in the November issue of Parents magazine.

"A child whose mother has celiac disease may have a three-times-greater risk of autism, finds a new study in Pediatrics. People with celiac disease have an abnormal immune response to a protein in wheat and other grains. It may be most dangerous in pregnancy when it's untreated because it blocks absorption of nutrients and can cause premature delivery and low birthweight--known autism risk factors."

This finding is outstanding. Personally, for me, I am intensely relieved it's actually be published. My youngest child is newly diagnosed with autism and my older son is suspected of having Sensory Processing Disorder. I fully suspect undiagnosed Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity in Eli is what has triggered the autism. He showed NO signs until about 4 mos after he started eating gluten. I have wondered for YEARS how many children don't actually have 'true' autism but have some form of "Celiac Induced Autism" (Not a medical term, I've made it up). Why do SO many children with autism benefit from the Gluten Free/Caesin Free Diet if there is NO connection?

What IF, we could get more people diagnosed with Celiac (because there are SO many people who have it and don't know it!)...What IF every pregnant woman was tested for Celiac Disease and if found positive she was able to go Gluten Free and she'd KNOW to keep an eye on her child for autism and start that child on the Gluten Free diet immediately? What IF prior to conception, women were tested for Celiac Disease and went Gluten Free JUST in case? What would it hurt?? NOTHING! There is a connection between gluten and so many people's health....why can't mainstream medicine do something about this? (I"ll not rant politics here, it is not the place....feel free to ask me privately!! LOL)

I am absolutely thrilled this study has been found and will happily help is spread and cannot wait for more research. FINALLY!!! Perhaps if they do find a Celiac/Autism connection BOTH populations can get more research, media coverage, etc. We need to work together!

So if you know anyone who is a family eating gluten free for WHATEVER REASON, please remind them they are welcome to attend our meetings!!! We are all in the same food boat, no matter the reason! :)

See ya'll at the meeting!

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