Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angel Food Ministries has a GLUTEN FREE Box!!

Times are tough for everyone, and Angel Food Ministries' is available to help you out when it comes to providing healthy food. They've had a long tradition of helping put food in the mouths of those who need it most. Now, AFM has an ALLERGEN FREE box!! Yes, you read that right. They have a GLUTEN FREE box of food available for purchase!! Click these links for more info on how to get yours. I will be ordering on ASAP and will let you all know how it tastes! Gluten free food is so expensive, this is a blessing for those of us on the GF diet indeed!

Angel Food Ministries Site..CLICK HERE
Monthly Menu CLICK HERE.
Find a Host Site Here You CLICK HERE

Happy GF Eating!



  1. Always nice to know about more gluten free options! Peace.

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